We Are So Happy to Have You Visiting Our Church.

We like visitor coming to our church. We hope that we can share our love with you in Jesus Christ. Our church emphasizes unity in diversity, as we grow together to spread the gospel of Jesus. If you would like to know our church more, please contact us. We hope to see you soon.



Our church vision is to become a cross generation, multi-cultural church fulfilling God’s Great Commission. The Chinese and English speaking congregations will unite together without division to achieve that vision in the community we serve.


Rev. Philip Chu
Senior Pastor


朱秋原牧師在青年時接受基督為救主,在電子業工作三十年後蒙神呼召作全時間事奉。 他和美瑩師母在海外宣教事奉了十年, 於2013年回到美國專注教會牧養事工。 朱牧師熱衷於培育和鼓勵弟兄姊妹在基督裡成長,並幫助他們在生命中活出神的美意。 在閒遐時間,他喜歡遠足和聽音樂。


Rev. Philip Chu accepted Christ in his youth.  He worked in the electronic industry for nearly 30 years before being called to full-time ministry.

He and his wife, Frieda, spent a decade serving as missionaries abroad, and then returned to the U.S. in 2013 focusing on church ministries.  He likes hiking and listening to music, but his passion is empowering people to grow in Christ and to fulfill God’s mandates in their lives.

Pastor Philip and Frieda have two children and three lovely grandchildren.

Rev. Jason (Jae) So
English Ministry Pastor


Pastor Jason So earned a Bachelor of Arts from Cal State Long Beach and from Calvary Chapel Bible College. He also earned a Master of Divinity from Talbot Theological Seminary and from International Reformed University & Seminary. Jason encountered God through a mission trip to Oaxaca and committed his life to go into full time ministry. He is the most joyful and loving Pastor in the Bay Area. He and his wife, Esther, are always excited about serving and reaching out to the Bay Area.

Pastor Xuxuan (Lewis) Luo

Assistant Pastor


羅旭旋傳道,廣東客家人,1997年醫學院畢業後成為一名航空醫師。2001年信主,後一直在教會中參與團契帶領,主日學老師的服事;2015年,回應神的呼召,辭職讀神學,全職修讀M.DIV學位期間一直在恩泉谷宣道會實習,至2018年從基督工人神學院畢業,成為恩泉谷宣道會中文部實習傳道。羅傳道非常感恩和珍惜太太周倩 (Qian Zhou, Emma) 在服事上的全力支持,願意將人生的下半場投入到上帝的國度中,與身邊的會眾和朋友一同分享神的恩惠。

Pastor Xuxuan (Lewis) Luo, came from Guangdong, Hakka. He became a physician in an airline company after graduating from medical school in 1997. In 2001 Pastor Xuxuan accepted Jesus as his personal savior and has been serving in fellowships and Sunday School in the church. In 2015, he responded to God’s calling and left his practice and furthered his studies at Christian Witness Theological Seminary in San Jose. He was the intern of West Valley Christian Alliance Church during his study. He received his M. Div Degree from CWTS in 2018 and became the Chinese Intern Pastor of WVCAC. Pastor Xuxuan is very grateful and cherishes the full support of his wife, Qian Zhou (Emma) in his ministry. He is willing to serve in the Kingdom of God and share God’s grace with other people.



You can view 2017 CMA Doctrinal Statement of Faith here.